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[nectar_dropcap color=””]T[/nectar_dropcap]here were lots of reasons why we were not going to do a pro-bono clinic in December. For example, we assumed volunteers would be too busy with the holiday season. Looks like we were totally wrong!

The Salvation Army Vancouver Harbour Light was extremely successful. We got to serve over 75 people who otherwise would not have access to eye care. What was different this time though was the number of volunteers that showed up. We had more than half a dozen #optometrists registered with the BC Doctors of Optometry help make eyesight accessible that day!

Our team of eyecare professionals, including the amazing optometrists from Clarity Eyecare and the awesome opticians from President Optical, have carved out time to serve those who frequent the The Salvation Army Vancouver Harbour Light for its food and housing programs.

The intention of this particular clinic is to provide eyesight as a gift this holiday season. We also like the of idea of people seeing 20/20 in the new year: 2020!

Special shout out goes to David Black of Western Eyecare Instruments. He has a tight schedule given he’ll be jumping on an plane for his vacation the day after the clinic. Nevertheless, David will spend Sunday afternoon with us by providing the very expensive equipment the optometrists and opticians will use to improve the lives of those who call the Downtown Eastside home. Thanks for working with us in making eyesight accessible, David.

From everyone at The Eyeglasses Project, we acknowledge the volunteers for generously donating their time so they could provide the gift of sight. Check out the video below we put together from all the photos taken by photographer extrordinaire Tom L A Jones Photography.

There were many volunteers so let us acknowledge as many as we can. Including sponsors, they include (in alphabetical order):

Clarity Eyecare
Dr. Harbir Sian, Optometrist
Essilor Group
Eye. Optometry
For Eyes Clinic
Highstreet Eyecare
Leaders of Tomorrow Academy led by George Harjani
Marine View Optometry
President Optical
Richmond Chinatown Lions Club
Spotlight West Communications
UBC Red Cross Club led by Gurpreet Chopra
Vancouver Chinatown Lions Club
Western Eye Care Instruments –>

Project Partners