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Making Eyesight Accessible.

Started in 2017, The Eyeglasses Project is a Vancouver-based, volunteer-led initiative whose mission is to: Make Eyesight Accessible. We bring together skilled and resourceful people to help the vulnerable get access to eye examinations and prescription eyeglasses. The skilled include optometrists and other eye care professionals. The resourceful includes community service organizations and sponsors. The Eyeglasses Project was initially founded with the goal to provide the marginalized who reside in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside with a basic tool, eyeglasses, to help them live more productive lives. Our renewed goal is to serve 1,000,000 disenfranchised people across Canada.

During our Carnegie Community Centre Project on October 23, 2018. Downtown Eastside, Vancouver.

We assist Marginalized, Vulnerable, Underprivileged, Handicapped People.


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“This idea came up back in February 2017 when I was looking to pick up a brand new pair of glasses for myself, but then I remembered something; the last pair I bought costed $800 and that got me thinking about something — what do the poor and low-income do when they need a new pair of glasses?”
— Howard Ma, Founder of The Eyeglasses Project

We wondered, do the marginalized people do without glasses or do they use a really old prescription? Our founder and chair, Howard Ma, felt like something was missing there and wanted to do something about it. A team of a few people got together around December 2017 to work on our first pilot project that successfully launched in March 4, 2018.

Project Spotlight

What We Accomplished.

March 4 2018

Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House | Pilot Project


Our pilot project ran on Sunday, March 4th, 2018 at the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House (“DTESNH”). Approximately 50 seniors who frequent the DTESNH were provided…


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October 23 2018

Carnegie Community Centre | A Day-Long With Ollie Quinn


On Tuesday, October 23 at the Carnegie Community Centre, The Eyeglasses Project teamed up with Ollie Quinn to provide eye exams and prescription glasses to…


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March 10 2019

Coast Mental Health | Helping Vulnerable See Clearly


On March 10, 2019, we partnered with Coast Mental Health, local optometrists, the Richmond Chinatown Lions club, and eyeware company Ollie Quinn to make the…


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May 15 2019

Ray-Cam Centre | Eyecare for the Children


The Eyeglasses Project came on May 15th to provide free eye glasses to the community. The event was a great success and we’re happy to…


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September 29 2019

Britannia Community Service Centre | For Children’s Vision #BackToSchool


Just over three weeks ago, The Eyeglasses Project served low income families from the inner-city. We worked with four VSB schools in making this happen…


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November 3 2019

Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House | Supporting The Immigrants


Thanks to the incredible team at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House who worked closely with us and many weeks prior. Their dedication and commitment to improving…


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December 15 2019

Salvation Army Vancouver Harbour Light | 20/20 Vision In 2020


There were lots of reasons why we were not going to do a pro-bono clinic in December. For example, we assumed volunteers would be too…


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October 3 2021

Pacific Community Resources Society | We’ve returned after two years!


After a COVID-induced hiatus over the past 18+ months, The Eyeglasses Project is ready to once again Make Eyesight Accessible! The clinic we did today …


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The Eyeglasses Project brings together a community of skilled and resourceful people ready to make a difference. This includes optometrists, other eye care professionals, community service organizations and sponsors. If you’d like to get involved in making eyesight accessible in your community, then please contact us below. We’d love to hear your proposal!

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