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[nectar_dropcap color=””]J[/nectar_dropcap]ust over three weeks ago, The Eyeglasses Project served low income families from the inner-city. We worked with four VSB schools in making this happen.

By speaking with the principals, vice principals and social workers from Britannia, Henderson, Grandview, and X’pey, we identified people who were deemed “at-risk”. Five optometrists plus an optician from Clarity Eyecare, and several UBC pre-med students volunteered to serve 80 people on Sunday, September 29th.

Many were children who had never seen an optometrist before. To some surprise, over 50 individuals were identified as needing glasses. Given the large number of children, many were diagnosed needing their very first pair. Those glasses were dispensed this past Sunday.

Thank you to Clarity Eyecare, Dr. Lili Liang and Britannia Community Services Centre for partnering with us last week in our mission to make eyesight accessible! We together served 80 patients, comprised of students (plus their families) who attend select Vancouver School Board elementary and secondary schools. The Eyeglasses Project appreciates you all working closely with us in helping young people realize their potential!

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