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Meet Our Team

Let us introduce to you, The Eyeglasses Project team!

Howard Ma

Founder / Chair
Why ‘The Eyeglasses Project’?

My idea to start The Eyeglasses Project was based on two things. First, I long wanted to make a difference in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside after seeing it go into deep decline after the neighborhood’s economic anchor, Woodwood’s department store, closed it doors in 1993. Second, I’ve been wearing eyeglasses since kindergarten and am practically blind without them. Although I have zero training or experience in healthcare, I knew I could bring like-minded people together to build and share resources in providing eye exams and prescription eyeglasses at no cost to low income patients, potentially across Canada. If you are one of those like-minded people, then I invite you to reach out and inquire how you can help make eyesight accessible in your community.

Dr. Harbir Sian

Board Director
Why ‘The Eyeglasses Project’?

Dr. Harbir Sian graduated from the New England College of Optometry (Boston) in 2010. Since then, he has had a passion for giving back. Harbir has volunteered in vision clinic in different parts of the world, including South America and in the Middle East. Dr. Sian was the recipient of the BCDO 2016 Young Optometrist of the Year award and he is the owner of Highstreet Eyecare Centre in Abbotsford, BC.

Bonnie He

Board Director
Why ‘The Eyeglasses Project’?

Having witnessed the effects of poor vision on one’s quality of life, I became interested in eye health from an early age. Sight should be a barrier-free right, yet there are countless individuals who face numerous challenges to accessing vision care. If you are interested in volunteering with The Eyeglasses Project, I would love to hear from you. There is a great need for vision care in many communities, and I can assure you that there is no better feeling in the world than helping someone see clearly for the first time.

Geoffrey Ching

Board Director
Why ‘The Eyeglasses Project’?

Vision is the most underappreciated sense that we use to navigate the world around us and to interact with those that we care about. In my clinical experience, I have seen the impact that poor vision can have, but I have also seen the astounding improvement that vision, once it is restored, can have on quality of life. I was drawn to the Eyeglasses project because it provides eye care and glasses to those who need it most, but I hope to help the Eyeglasses Project and its partners to improve the lives of underserved Canadians across the nation.

Stephanie Li

Public Relations and Communications Advisor
Why ‘The Eyeglasses Project’?


See Our Partners

Special thanks to all of our wonderful partners and volunteers who help us take a step towards our goal!

Everyone who is engaged with The Eyeglasses Project is a volunteer, including the optometrists, opticians, and board directors. Two of our very first volunteers were ophthalmology students from the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine.

We know everyone has a busy schedule, and we appreciate every moment, effort and commitment our partners and volunteers have contributed. None of this could have happened without our partners and volunteers! The result is that we have assisted many hundreds of marginalized individuals who did not have solid accessiblity to eyecare. Thank you.

Moreover, thank you to those who work in the background — those who provide medical equipments for us to use and those who provide in-kind sponsorship. Without your contribution, we would not have the backbone to facilitate the clinics.

– The Eyeglasses Project Team

Our Clinical Partners

Our Community Partners